Happy Birthday Debs!!!

August 28, 2007

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday!!!  My sister, Debbie is amazing.  Here’s why:

  • she teaches 7 AND 8 graders
  • she cares for mom, even thousands of miles over the ocean
  • she has integrity
  • she is the funniest person I know
  • she is my favorite person to listen to when she sings
  • she loves and has a deep passion for Samoa
  • she is wise
  • she is steady
  • she is very loyal to her family
  • she serves and loves her local church in Samoa
  • she speaks well of people
  • she is meek
  • she is confident in who she is in Christ
  • she is teachable
  • she is a hard worker
  • she has discernment that is admirable
  • she is not characterized as being lazy
  • she follows through and is dependable
  • she is a servant
  • and last but not least, she is amazing because she recognizes her need for Jesus to be her Savior and her Lord and she understands that its something that didn’t start with her.

I am very grateful to the Lord for my sister!!!  Hope you had a great time with the fam – how did the kale moa taste? 


Hotchkiss Men are back to back winners of The Master’s Cup!!! 

Glorious…simply glorious!!!  We protected the name!

Check out the some of the celebration!

SLS Retreat Highlights

August 16, 2007

Here are some highlights from SLS retreat:

  • Dorm Team time: we actually missed lunch because of it.  The guys in my dorm team just kept talking about their summer and listened and were apparently eager to be back into the swing of things.  It was really encouraging. 
  • Staying in Pete’s room – talk about being taken care of!  Feather mattress?  Are you kidding me – that was the best!  I actually slept a bit this week (even though it was very little)!  Thanks man, it’s been good to hang with you again!
  • the 13 or 15 shower head outside the sauna and steam room – seriously glorious!!!  I want one of those out on my deck!
  • Rick came to SLS (because his parents are the missionary in residence here at good ‘ol TMC).  But Rick and I had only 20 mins together but it felt like forever, even though it was definitley not enough time.  Rick’s a great guy – definitely someone I trust my life with.  He’s definitely someone you can count on for any and everything!  Thanks for keeping in touch and asking me great questions – keep doing that!   
  • Kyle came also – YEY (because he’s married to the Dean of women – Kathy).  Glad you had an SLS retreat experience! 
  • Hotchkiss spirit – you really can’t beat the community that continues to develope here in this dorm.  I love it.  I love the men and ladies of Hothkiss.  It really is unified and I’m hoping that we will do more in the community, the poor and ophans.  We’re moving that direction so we’ll see. 
  • LOTS of celebrating going on!
  • at the pool with the Hotchkiss! 
  • chapel band!
  • getting a voicemail from Jake today – I have lots to tell you man!
  • finishing off the retreat here in my apartment with the guys watching Nacho Libre!  Hillarious!!!
  • oh yeah, the shirts are awesome this year – great job Rikegami

I’m two weeks in my fourth year as an RD.  I’m excited and thankful, but tired and overwhelmed.  I am already feeling like I’m needing to catch up.  There are glimpses here and there of people that I barely had contact with but am very thankful I was able to see.  Sometimes an embrace is better than a conversation.  At least that was all I had with some of them. 

Being with my extended family made me think about the people that I’m really close with – its crazy.  I didn’t have to be around my family very long to realize that they were people that I barely knew but felt like I’ve known them forever.  There are a few people in my life a part from my family that I have that with.  People you can go without for a period of time and just have that immediate and understood connection and intimacy.  Its very rare these days to have that and to have that reciprocated.  I know I don’t do the best job at it but I want to grow in being better in that. 

Anyway, here are a couple of random shots from my family reunion.  Enjoy and here are pics from Debs (her’s are better) camera!

Anyway, off to Palm Springs for SLS retreat!!!



August 2, 2007

Here’s the scoop:

  • I’ve been back and forth from here, Carson, RD retreat, Family reunion, Jake & Amber’s wedding stuff etc.
  • Monday – Wednesday: RD retreat at Lake Gregory in San Bernadino)
  • Wednesday pm: Carson
  • Thursday morning & afternoon: RD mtgs
  • Thursady evening: wedding rehearsal, hung out with Rick, then with Jake then with most of the grooms men. 
  • Later Thursday evening: Kyle’s sleeping over tonight!!!
  • Saw Happy & Amy (it was Happy’s 23rd Birthday today!!!)
  • Been reconnecting with lots of family – man, I wish I could be with them a lot more!
  • Jake & Amber’s wedding is tomorrow morning
  • Friday evening: Driving back to Carson for our last Savini reunion dinner (at the Queen Mary – crazy) – last night with the family!
  • early morning shuttle run to LAX – 3:30am, aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! =)
  • Josh Beakley (new RA) moving in on Saturday.
  • moving back into my apartment on Saturday – YEY!!!
  • RAs come back Sunday!
  • then RA retreat!!!
  • then SLS retreat!!!
  • then WOW!!!