October 31, 2007

Okay now the topic is the perfect date, no Team 20 seconds, not a date as in calendar date but taking someone out (this is after having already established that both parties are on the same page about the relationship…”getting to know each other”, dating, courting, married, friendship whatever… 

I think the perfect date would require a couple of elements:

  • a card
  • good conversation, which includes reciprocated inquiries
  • laughs
  • silence
  • good food (doesn’t have to be fancy or pricey) – either mexican or a really good burger – or arabic, samoan good
  • good/fun dessert, like Guppy’s
  • a fun little game like, “coke or pepsi?”…always coke (diet), or “sunset or sunrise?” yadi-yadi-ya…this will happen throughout the day
  • probably some type of exposure to the beach (either a drive along the coast or a bike ride along the beach)
  • then a conversation with the waiter/waitress about the gospel (or anyone for that matter)


  • A time spent serving food at the homeless shelter down town LA – and giving yourself for the gospel and talking with the homeless together…something like this and just getting a taco from the taco truck down the street…this actually sounds better than the above date!

Okay, so I am in a blog write-a-thon with Becca, Beth, Ben & Phil. – and we’re each going to blog about the same topic – so far I’m behind.  So, I decided to go with 20 top reasons why I like laughing inside (and trying to control it) versus laughing out loud in an open forum.

Here I go:

  1. Nothing beats laughing with your family out loud – I’ve noticed at times that there are similarities in our laughs.  My mom’s laugh is high, piercing and kind of takes over the entire room – like mine!  But my brother’s and both my sisters have loud laughs as well – they’re hardy and full and thick laughs.  Contagious!  I love laughing with my family – its never contained, always out loud and fun!
  2. I don’t enjoy malicious, cocky laughs – the laughs that tend to put others down – like the really cynicle.  In fact, I hate that kind of laughing. 
  3.  I enjoy watching people laugh because its so inspiring – especially people who can laugh at themselves – I need to learn how to do that more and more – I use to be able to, now I’m all serious and what not. 
  4. I love to listen to people laugh for the first time – if people laugh with you around it almost seems like your in with them, y’know?  Its like people become closer – I know that’s a little superficial but there’s something to be said about laughing with people – about the same thing. 
  5. I love when others make me laugh. 
  6. I love making other people laugh – people who laugh with me makes it less tense!  I know my humor isn’t everyone else’s but its just nice to bond that way. 
  7. I love the surprise that comes with laughing – when you actually say something or do something that makes someone else respond in such a way…there’s an element of faith there – I like thinking of it as a means of service – I really do enjoy making others laugh! 
  8. In chapel I usually ask the student body to stand when we sing and to sit when we are done.  Monday when we were finished with a song and I prayed and said “amen”.  After the amen, instead of saying, “You may be seated” as I normally would do, I said, “You are seated”.  When I got back to my seat with the rest of chapel band we could not stop laughing because of what I just said – it was no longer a request, it became statement. 
  9. I love laughing uncontrollably with safe people.  Safe people meaning people who don’t care that you’re laughing that ridiculously and don’t pass judgement on you for doing so. 
  10. I love trying to contain your laugh in places and times you’re not suppose to – like during a church service with the worship team – oh, so many times!  
  11. I love thinking about something that has happened in the past that was so hillarious and revisiting what was funny about it and laughing about it – like this last weekend!   
  12. I love laughing at bloopers – mine and everyone else’s.
  13. I love the laughing that involves like mindedness – not even because things are funny (well, that too)j but just because you think that person is funny. 
  14. I love being really intrigued by the emotion and feel laughing brings – its fascinating!
  15. I love the uproar of laughing both in and outside – either way is fine with me – but there’s something freeing about laughing outside yet something so infectious about laughing inside. 
  16. I love laughing with children….okay, I love laughing at them – they’re so honest – when you’re older its interesting to see the dynamics that are at play – older people have developed the wicked ability to hide behind masks and put up fronts that have nothing to do with anything (people that are fake) – then there are children…they’re still trying to learn how to do that – sad.  But in the process of them growing up its funny to hear how they’re are practicing all that – we’ve seen it and we’ve done it, been there and done that – I love how they expose who I am – I love laughing at the irony – we all need to be around children more – they will  remind us how ridiculous we really are. 
  17. I love laughing at slap-stick stuff – like America’s Most Funniest videos – I love watching that with Zane – and my Mom…man, if you can laugh at stuff like that then lets have a party – I’m game!
  18. I love laughing with the guys…I’m a pretty affectionate guy and I know this is going to sound strange but when I laugh really hard, I tend to grab people (by the arm) – there’s something about feeling like you’re falling over and grabbing someone else who is laughing at the same thing – there’s this wierd but intimate connection when that happens – laughing is physical and it allows for some freedom to physically engage with those who you’re enoying that past time with – I guess its some sort of affirmation about being a part of the brotherhood..make sense?  Oh well…hahaha!
  19. I love watching people laugh – I wish I could record people that I love and enjoy being around, laughing – I would even be willing to put in on my ipod just for kicks – not to substitute the real thing but just to have when the days are hard, y’know? 
  20. I love laughing because it is a good gift from God.  I know its not for all occasions and I know its not the basis of my existence but its enjoyable at the appropriate times. 

I don’t think I did this assignment correctly but if you want to check out the others who are involved then check their blogs out: Becca, Beth, Ben & Phil


October 28, 2007

This weekend began with Friday, Mustang Madness (I am NOT a big fan of basketball BUT, I do love the guys on the team, especially I love seeing them use their skills on the court.  Then we drove down to San Diego with Ben Blakey, Esther Ko, Becca Boone, Beth Catron, Phil Anderson and Adam Carmichael – it was a late night but we finally made it to Rick’s (check out the highlighted names if you want more insight into our weekend).   

Our reason for going to San Diego?  To celebrate Esther’s golden birthday (which is actually today…HAPPY GOLDEN KO!).  Esther and I have been friends for a number of years now.  We were music students together in college, in chapel band together and now are RD’s together – church, bible study and what not…  All she wanted was to go to the San Diego – Wild Animal Park.  So, we decided to do that for her – besides it was a great incentive to be with Rick and laugh our faces off – my head was hurting Saturday night because of all the laughing! 

Here’s a low down of what we did (and some pics):

  • woke up Saturday, Rick had breakfast for us ready
  • packed our lunches
  • drove out to the Wild Park
  • looked at lots of animals
  • ate lunch
  • rode the Safari Tour
  • hung out with lions
  • hid from Ko
  • jumped up and down a bridge and laughed really hard
  • drove back to Rick’s
  • played Wi (wee) at Rick’s- so fun!
  • ordered Pizza the size of Jupiter
  • played the Name game….man, people can be really creative sometimes
  • hung out, played Scategory…
  • took a 20 second nap
  • laughed some more
  • slept
  • woke up then went to Rick’s church
  • then drove to Carlsbad
  • ate fish’n chips at the beach
  • visited Becs’ house and Dad
  • then drove to Guppy’s
  • and came home

This was a really fun weekend!!!  Its nice to have friends and to be able to visit with them and continue on as if no time has lapsed (I do wish it was like that with all of my relationships).  I guess that’s why its so important to make the most of the opportunities you have now with them – man, I have a lot of making up to do…Lord willing!  


October 22, 2007

This last Saturday I went to Disneyland.  I don’t like Disneyland but I did this last Saturday!  Here’s why:

Pete, Summer, Thomas, Becca, Phil, RyanChris, Bailey, Aliza, Hugh & Meagan – we had the Ikegami’s earlier but then they left.  This group was a blast!!! 

Anyway, there were definitely some classical moments – especially if you have a Pete, Phil and Ryan trio- you really can’t beat that…well with the people I know, there’s probably a pretty tight competition for the most laughs – regardless, this trio was a hit!

Saturday would’ve also been Matt Pearson’s Birthday – he would’ve been 29.  It was nice to spend time with good friends and think about an old one who lived life to the fullest.  I probably learned the most in my college years about intentional pursuit of people from Matt.  It was a pleasant bittersweet.  I miss him! 

Ok, enjoy the pics! – it really was an enjoyable time – that’s needed when things are so trying at times.  So, moral of the story is…go to Disneyland with the right people – especially if you’re not a big fan of it!


October 11, 2007

There’s something to be said about being too quick or hasty.  It leaves little room for discernment and prayer.  It perpetuates the thinking that you are wise in your own eyes and it crowds out being thoughtful or mindful of others or your circumstances.  It leads you to say things you don’t mean.  It also leads you to believe you’re better than you actually are and it tries to get others to believe that.  Being quick and hasty encourages excuses.  It makes you move too fast and it gets you to places in life (in conversations, circumstances and relationships) that puts you further or deeper ahead than you wanted.  Then you find out later you really don’t want to be where you are – discontent.  You end up forcing things that end sooner than originally intended.  You miss out on the most significant parts about conversation, circumstances and relationships – God & people. 

While its tempting to have people in mind as I write these things I can’t but help to see how prevalent it is in my own life. 

So, slow down and think.  Don’t go ahead of yourself, or ahead of conversations, circumstances or your relationships.  Otherwise, you may just miss your opportunity to be where you’re suppose to be.  Its better to move ahead slow and endure than it is to back track, waste time, be frustrated and lose sense of direction.  Yes, the Lord works through it all but there’s always a way that’s better than wishing you were somewhere else – especially when you keep making these same type of hasty choices.  Just slow down!      


October 4, 2007

I was just in Texas for the National Association for Neuthetic Counseling (NANC) Conference the last 4 days with all the RDs (except for Jen – so sad) and Joe and Kathy.  It was soooooo much fun!!!

Here are some highlights and some pics:

  • visited the JFK museum
  • the heat & humidity – I love hot weather!
  • met with Todd & Kelly Bolen for dinner (we ate way too much)
  • ate at Cracker Barrel with Joe, Jeff, Jake, Meredith and Leslie (ate reasonably too much there as well)
  • Texas State Fair and the canon ball man being shot from the canon ball thing/machine – amazing!!! (watch the clip)
  • heard some great messages and workshops about counseling and about my own walk with the Lord and my sin.
  • talked to Isaiah Kottke (he works for NANC now – it was great to hear how the Lord worked it out for him to work for them).
  • got to chat with Kent Dresdow a bit – he was dean of TMC for a while and hired me on to be an RD.
  • van rides with Rachel, Tricia, Dave, Esther and Leslie – so fun! – especially getting Blueberry Ice Cream with Summer with that group.
  • reunion with friends
  • conversations and debrief with the RDs – man this team is the best RD team.  I really enjoyed this trip with them.
  • lots of laughs with the RDs
  • late night conversations with Jeff and Dave
  • the workshop on “How to Counsel People Who Manipulate”
  • the entire trip was really GREAT!  very refreshing for me.

Now I’m back and I gotta get some homework done (including debriefing some notes from the conference) and visit some outreach week teams and catch up with Heroes (I’m so glad for DVDs and DVR)!

I’m out!


October 1, 2007

Last night my Mom called me to let me know that Aunty Moe (moh-eh) passed away. 

Its sad.  Death can come unexpectedly… sobbering.  While I am hopeful for the gospel to go forth as a result of this, it still hurts when your mom’s sister dies. 

Prayers and so much love goes out to all her children, grandchildren and siblings.  Sad.