March 26, 2008

I’ll update about Hawaii later but I want to share the love & joy by celebrating a new addtion to the Talcott family.  Dan & Katie had their first baby, 3/25/08 at 1:41pm yesterday.  He was 9lbs, 7.5 ounces, and 22 inches.  His name is David Steele Talcott.  How fun! 

Congratulations Talcotts!!!



March 9, 2008

Today I was reminded that contentment is difficult but somewhat of a familiar friend and foe. 

In this case when contentment is all around you, you realize Jesus is your Strong Tower, your Refuge, your Stronghold etc.  But when contentment isn’t there or when it’s attacking you then I’ve lost that battle, (thinking) that Jesus has gone home because, yet again I’ve failed to put my complete trust and faith in Him – but then I remembered that this friend is more constant & faithful than my failed contentment.  Jesus does meet you where you are not to cater to our every selfish ambition but to really be all that we ever need and ultimately and immediately desire. 

Yes, this sounds a little fundamental or even too elementary.  But I guess that’s the point of my never ending battle for contentment – I’m always wanting more than what I already have or wanting what I don’t have and forgetting all that ever really need is found in Jesus! 

That, at least is a good reminder.

“Joy comes like the morning.  Hope, deepens as you grow.  Peace, beyond the reaches of your soul, comes blowing through you, for love has made you whole…Jesus, He meets you where you are.  Jesus, He heals your secret scars.  All the love you’re longing for is Jesus, the friend of a wounded heart” -old school christian


March 2, 2008

A couple of highlights here:

  • Talked with Pastor Bob and Jason about missions stuff and life stuff – they ok’d me to go to India this summer!
  • was asked to sing in Travis Dalton’s wedding this summer, singing in Casey & Sarah’s and Rick asked me to be his best man – he’s ridiculous!  Never been a best man so we’ll see how this goes – its actually really humbling – Rick, you’re ridiculous!
  • had a good laugh with Ben tonight!
  • slept in ’til 7:14am this morning – yes!
  • sang the national anthem at Durso’s last basketball home game – my dream is to sing that at the Super Bowl – yeah right!
  • was reminded that people will diappoint you but you can still have hope for them to change because you yourself are being changed (hopefully)
  • did 2 out of the 6 loads of laundry today – i have way too many clothes – sick! 
  • “The Importance of Being Ernest” was awesome!  Two guys in my dorm (Josh Ward & Graham Millar) are the leading roles in the play here at the school and they were excellent!  So proud of them!
  • Went to see WICKED tonight with Team 20 Seconds (Rick, Esther, Becca, Phil, Ben, Beth & Adam)!!!  First off we went to the grove, ate at the farmer’s market, then watched the musical!  You gotta watch it!
  • Going down to Carson to go to church with Mom tomorrow!

That’s it! 

Oh, I decided to come back another year as an RD – that’s a wicked highlight =)

see ya!