March 2, 2008

A couple of highlights here:

  • Talked with Pastor Bob and Jason about missions stuff and life stuff – they ok’d me to go to India this summer!
  • was asked to sing in Travis Dalton’s wedding this summer, singing in Casey & Sarah’s and Rick asked me to be his best man – he’s ridiculous!  Never been a best man so we’ll see how this goes – its actually really humbling – Rick, you’re ridiculous!
  • had a good laugh with Ben tonight!
  • slept in ’til 7:14am this morning – yes!
  • sang the national anthem at Durso’s last basketball home game – my dream is to sing that at the Super Bowl – yeah right!
  • was reminded that people will diappoint you but you can still have hope for them to change because you yourself are being changed (hopefully)
  • did 2 out of the 6 loads of laundry today – i have way too many clothes – sick! 
  • “The Importance of Being Ernest” was awesome!  Two guys in my dorm (Josh Ward & Graham Millar) are the leading roles in the play here at the school and they were excellent!  So proud of them!
  • Went to see WICKED tonight with Team 20 Seconds (Rick, Esther, Becca, Phil, Ben, Beth & Adam)!!!  First off we went to the grove, ate at the farmer’s market, then watched the musical!  You gotta watch it!
  • Going down to Carson to go to church with Mom tomorrow!

That’s it! 

Oh, I decided to come back another year as an RD – that’s a wicked highlight =)

see ya! 


6 Responses to “A WICKED COME BACK”

  1. Matt said

    wow, sounds good. even though i won’t be here, i know what a blessing it will be for next year’s hotchkiss men to have you as their RD.

    “it’s good to see me, isn’t it? no need to answer, that’s rhetorical!” =)

  2. Whit said

    I knew it I knew it all along!

  3. Ben Blakey said

    aw…that’s sweet

  4. Happy said

    Awesome! I’m glad you’ll be there a little bit longer!

  5. Rick Dennis said

    No, You’re ridiculous…and the best :0

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