RA’s 08-09

April 28, 2008

Here’s my RA team for next year from left to right:  Ben, James, Josh & Brett! 

They were finishing a race between all the other RA teams (they got 2nd, losing to Hotchkiss Women – so, because we’re a family we’d like to say we won as well).  Anyway, this entire race inaugurated our RA kick-off for the weekend.  They did well.  I was very impressed with how quickly the 4 guys were getting to know each other.  I’m excited and very thankful for yet another RA team.  Ben and Josh are my returners, Ben will be the Head RA and both James and Brett are coming from Cornerstone/Oak Manor.  Brett goes to C.O.C. and MHBS so it’ll be nice to go to church with an RA again.  James is also in Chapel Band so it’ll be nice to spend lots of time with him as well. 

Okay bye!   





















April 28, 2008

Last week Adam Dickson and Caleb Hazel (two frosh and future ARAs) came to my apartment wanting to know what wings and which RAs they will be with, at 12am.  We ended up talking ’til 4:30am.  At around 3:30am we drove to Denny’s and ate some breakfast. 

We talked and talked and talked about life, ministry, their hearts/lives, relationships and it was cool.  It was cool to hear them encourage and really be honest with each other.  Adam and Caleb have known each other for years.  Adam and Caleb are both younger siblings of current students (Adam’s brother being in Majesty and Caleb’s sister an RA in Waldock).  I think it was cool to hear insight from them about each other.  It was cool to just be in the front row and see them work through their own levels of relationship, especially having grown up with each other.  Besides I just love being around these guys!  Lord willing, I’ll have so more time with them next year! 

So, yeah the last couple of weeks just include really late nights and long conversations – ones that I hope and pray would count for eternity! 


April 24, 2008

Here are the words of a song I listened to (a lot) 5 years ago.  It helped me get through deaths and some doubts. 

I’m not experiencing any pain from the loss of a loved one nor am I in current doubt of who God is or what He’s doing.  However, when this song came up in my random play of my itunes it brought me to a place in my worship of God that reminded me of His kindness which in fact has led me, over and over again to repentance.  I’ve experienced what I know to be true in my head and believe with my heart that the love of Christ is definitely better than life, even life’s best and worst. 

So, yeah, God is enough – that’s my prayer and what I rejoice in and continue to hope in.    

Open up the skies of mercy
And rain down the cleansing flood
Healing waters rise around us
Hear our cries Lord let them rise

It’s your kindness Lord
That leads us to repentance
Your favor Lord, is our desire
It’s your beauty Lord
That makes us stand in silence
Your love
Your love is better than life

We can feel
Your mercy falling
You are turning our hearts back again
Hear our praises rise to heaven
Draw us near Lord
Meet us here



April 22, 2008

You know what sucks?  Not having a camera anymore.  The last time I used my camera was RD day away in November.  That’s the last time I’m taking a camera to one of those things! 


April 20, 2008

Despite my recent post about “Petty” things, which I deleted because was advised to do so, I am thankful for where I am and the refinement it brings, on all kinds of levels.  So, here are some things that the Lord has allowed to get me to be more thankful for/about – in typical “ona” fashion…bullet point: 

  • talked with Mom today
  • went to Spring Party and was a bartender (actually that’s kind of a secret job i’d like to have…just sounds fun)…don’t worry they were all non-alchoholic.
  • cleaned my deck with Phil
  • had a fun car-wash fundraiser with my mission’s team (i love them – these students are really great…humble and normal) – we made close to $500! 
  • got to church today and was asked (or told) to say a short deal about my trip to India – I’m an idiot – I don’t know what happens to me when I get up in front of a large group of people but both services provided a platform for me to expose how ridiculous I am – I’m not a public speaker AT ALL.  Anyway, Mary-Jo Powell (a sweet lady from Bible Study) said some very endearing things about me.  It was actually encouraging…and others were as well, so – thanks!
  • got some awesome dorm apparel!!!
  • got an email from my sister! 
  • reading John 14-17 over and over out loud – you should try reading Scripture out loud by yourself – its a great spiritual excerise
  • our last chapel band set is tomorrow – sad and good
  • had a stimulating bible study about the trinity, family and leadership!    
  • had kids’ choir rehearsal – so funny!



April 19, 2008

Car Wash, $5 today (Saturday) April 19th 2008!  North Campus at The Master’s College 11AM-4PM!  I’m going to India this May-June so please come out and support my team to India!    


April 16, 2008

Sometimes the things I blog aren’t that big of a deal and sometimes they are (very profound thought, I know).  So, here are a couple of things that I’d want to update on anyway – they’re not significant to whoever reads my blog or if anyone does but they are significant to me.  So, here you go and ending it with my dorm staff for next year and chapel band for next year:


  • Mark Tatlock is the new Provost of TMC starting June 1st
  • Oak Manor and Conerstone are closing down as a dorm for at least next year.
  • I’m growing out my hair again
  • I’m reading a Piper book – its been a while
  • I finally met up with Sam and caught up – it was so great!
  • turned my taxes in on time
  • watched one of my favorite movies of all time – Seven
  • purchased half of my clothing gear for Rick & Esther’s wedding
  • purchased my tickets for India this summer
  • went to Three Rivers with my current dorm staff – we laughed, ate and slept a lot…mission accomplished. 
  • getting another tatoo this summer
  • planned out a couple of projects for this summer (summer school, furnish deck, run every day, memorize one verse a day, visit Carson more, plan out my life)



Hotchkiss SLS



Josh Beakley

Ben Blakey

Brett Eggerth

James Engram



Luke Brown

Adam Dickson

Scott Gilmore

Caleb Hazel

John Lafferty

Thomas Millar

Brandon O’Sullivan 

Shon Walsh

Ryan Zamroz



Adam Carmichael – Vice President

Chris Guzman – DR

Cris Mendoza – SDR

Wills Osborne – DR


Church Ministry

Trevor Wragg


Chapel Band

Janie Roy – Sweazy – Vocal 

Emilie Hendryx – Dixon – Vocal

Tommy Del Muro – Slight – Vocal

David Zimmer – Hotchkiss – Drums

Wil Pearce – Hotchkiss – Electric Guitar/Mandolin

Andy Hegg – Hotchkiss – Assistant Drums

James Engram – Hotchkiss – Acoustic Guitar

Kevin Ford – Hotchkiss Bass


I get to meet with all kinds of people, all week, every week during the school year.  One guy in particular I’ve been meeting with and getting to know real well asked me to pray for suffering in his life (1 Peter 4).  He’s a great guy, loves the Lord, loves his fiance’ and just has a deep desire to grow Christ.  He’s humble and is very self aware.  He’s pretty sharp and thinks very critically about life.  He’s very talented (athletically & musically).  He’s just a normal guy that wants to do the Lord’s will.  He doesn’t boast about much.  He’s great.  With all that, I’m amazed that something, some One so powerful and so compelling would be worth suffering for? 

Sometimes the paradoxes of this life in Christ baffles me.  I don’t understand it and yet I believe it.  I agree with it and I’m learning more and more why.  Strangely enough, I’m finding that this prayer is a prayer many have come to desire and even experience and I too am desiring that more and more.  I’m not entirely there yet.  Theoretically I am, but my heart for some reason is resistent to the idea of having my world completely revolutionized.  And I wonder why my walk with the Lord is stagnant at times? 

My faith has grown since I have been praying for suffering in Eric’s life.  With that, I have been praying for comfort, much comfort.  I am learning much from Eric’s growth in Christ and have been strengthened through others like him.  The Lord has been merciful to teach me that as I’m trying to grow in how to teach these young men to observe all that the Lord has commanded, I’m finding my joy in knowing that He indeed is with me.  And He will also be with Eric when the Lord brings suffering in his life.  Selah.


April 5, 2008

Today I called home.  My brother answered and we chatted a bit – no not small talk – that doesn’t really exist in my family…I’m glad for that!  He asked me how I was doing, I started to tell him how torn I felt about not being able to be at home yadi-yadi-ya.  And what he said was very needed and I’m sure it was because it was very timely.  “Ona, we can’t be everywhere at the same time and we can’t please everyone.  Keep it simple and focus on pleasing the only One that matters.”  My brother’s right!  If anything, that has subsided a lot of my thinking about a lot of different things.  I don’t have to figure everything out or even most things out and I can’t feel bad about every lost relationship.  There’s just too much heartache in that.  So, keep it simple.   

Anyway, I talked with my mom and my sister as well. 

Alright, I’ll just leave it at that – some things are complicated but they don’t have to be so, I’m taking my brother’s advice and I’m keeping it simple.