Since last Wednesday on into the weekend, Chapel Band (along with Pete, and one of his interns Julie) was in Auburn/Georgetown, California.  We were there for Outreach week.  It was a good trip.  We stayed with host families from a church Dave & Angie Torres pastors (classmates of mine from college).  It was refreshing, convicting and refreshing again. 

We sang alot and played alot.  We even sang at a public high school for their christian club.  I actually miss being in a public school.  Then we drove over to the local fire station and sang for the firemen.  That wasn’t planned at all but the husband of the family that we stayed with was a fire marshall of some sort, of that station.  It was cool. 

Anyway, over all the trip was good.  My favorite part was talking with Mark, the husband/fireman.  He was so devoted to the Lord, his family, his calling as a fireman, an elder at church etc.  This is what I kept hearing him say, “I just want to grow in teachability, humility and servanthood”.  Seriously?  At 52, married for 25 years, 8 children, a beautiful home etc. he was still longing for this, like it was brand new to him.  Maybe it was, but that wasn’t the point.  The point was that, after years of life, at that moment he was longing for virtues that weren’t characteristics of apathy.  They were characteristics of Christ. 

Later on, I found out that he had been learning that and growing in that from his study with his co-elders at church under the shepherding of Dave (Torres).  Dave’s my age.  I wasn’t tempted to be envious about that, as I am (tempted) now.  But I think, meeting Mark, and hearing of his teachability, humility and servanthood, so passionately communicated and shaped at his age by someone my age, was pretty humbling. 

What was more humbling was remembering that years ago, I used to pray that so much:  that the Lord would make me teachable, humble and learn what true service is.  Now, I look at my prayers and find them so empty and so peripheral. 

Mark prayed for me.  He prayed for my family and my future family (ha…I thought that was very kind of him =) and my calling.  Anyway, I watched him interact with his family, his co-firemen, the public high schoolersand the people at his church, making us meals, cleaning up for his wife, scrubbing the bathroom for us, showing us around his home, talking with us about Christ, playing on the trampoline with his kids, being affectionate with his kids, cooking for us, going from table to table talking with different people during potluck after church, reading Psalm 79 during corporate reading in church etc…it was all the same, full of grace and truth (interestingly enough, that’s what he prayed for us). 

The Lord showed me the type of man, I wouldn’t mind being – someone full of grace and truth. 

That was worth all of Outreach Week!  Didn’t think I’d come back like this but I have a lot to learn and its pretty exciting!