REST ’08

December 21, 2008

The dorm is empty. Quiet and cold. Calm and peaceful. I’m just about ready for rest. Just a few more loose ends to tie up and I’ll be ready to move on.

I’ve decided that my rest isn’t going to be a “break”. A break implies that I deserve something and the truth is, I don’t. Honestly. Its here and its costing me nothing, so its free. Another significant something that I have not the right to “own” but I will try to make the most of it. I’m thankful for it and don’t want to waste it.

I said my good byes to the guys in the dorm and I’m not flooded with misfortunes or joys that have occured during this last semester. I don’t think I’m in denial, I just would rather thank God for it. Even the more shameful parts of it, the parts where I thought of myself instead of others. Or the part where I actually served myself instead of others. The magnitude of that weight overwhelms me. Today was I reminded that Jesus gives something lighter in return for my weighted burden of guilt, shame, sin, self-righteousness etc. That was freeing (thanks Sam).

I started making a list (a good one) of books to read (finish Life of Pi, Three Cups of Tea, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Unpacking Forgiveness and Worship Matters (again), and actually started to read them (thought about people who’ve inspired me to read: Deb, Moni, Sam, Happy, Durso and Joe). I then started to update and keep my budget. I am more than half way through my final project for class (I had to get an extension). I rented 3 movies today and watched one of them. I read some more and thanked the Lord for the assurance of Salvation that I have in His Word, that became flesh.

I purchased gifts for my family – not finished yet. I wrote cards for parents of some of the guys I’m close with in the dorm. God gave me some really good moments writing thoughts out about these guys.

I prayed for a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I prayed for her husband – then I prayed for the gospel to go forth as a result of this. Then the gospel compelled me to pray more. So, I prayed for another couple who is close to me, who is having another kind of a difficult time. Finally, I prayed for a couple that have been really dear to me, who recently asked me to sing in their wedding in July. Then I thought a long while about these 3 couples and I was full in my heart with such grattitude!

Listened to a song by Matt Wertz, “I Will Not Take My Love Away” and a song by Room For Two entitled “Roots Before Branches”. Both powerfully and beautifully inspiring.

The only thing I didn’t do that I really wanted to do (and need to do) is run. Bummer. Lord willing, there’s tomorrow.

So, in short this is what I want to do with these next two weeks: rest, read, run, pray, watch movies, catch up with whoever and sleep well (ya, that is different from resting; it could include it but it doesn’t have to).


5 Responses to “REST ’08”

  1. Sam Neylan said

    oh, and did you want to add Do Hard Things, per our conversation?
    you’re cool.
    thanx for time today!

  2. Happy said

    Hey Ona, I love reading these kinds of posts from you. Sounds like you have a good balance for the “rest.” I’ve been pondering rest recently, as I haven’t gotten much of it, but I finally am beginning to understand more of what you always talk about: pouring yourself out for God and his people. It hurts, sometimes it hurts a lot, but it such a joy to see responses to God that you had nothing to do with! Keep reading!

  3. becca said

    hey! i read a thousand spendid suns and am reading three cups of tea right now! great minds… šŸ™‚ maybe while you’re on break we can get that trip to ikea in? or, did you already go? maybe pita pit at least?

  4. Jared said

    Ona, don’t I inspire you to read as well? I always encouraged you to read the sports section, didn’t I?

    I hope you had a great Christmas. Enjoy the time off. I know what you mean about the empty dorm. It makes it even better when everyone comes back.

    Hopefully Holly and I will see you at T&L!

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