February 23, 2009

Remember the recording Chapel Band started in January?  Well, we’re up north in Meadow Vista with Brian Steckler, me, Tommy, Janie & Emilie cutting vocals. 

It’s been great!  Its rain a ton up here and green.  Its really refreshing to be up here – kind of calming. 

Anyway, back to the studio.  See ya later.



February 19, 2009

For years now I’ve been repeating matters that separetes (Prov. 17:9b) intimate friends.  For this I have been grieved inside not only because I have affectively made this a pattern with some really dear friendships, but also because the first half of that verse says, “He who conceals a transgression seeks love,” and when I think about seeking love I think about all of the beautiful and satisfying ways God demonstrated His love in and through Christ and how within relationships, love really does and can redeem what has been broken, make new what is old and gives joy in the midst of all kinds of ache and sorrow. 

Last night one of my best friend’s counseled me in a practicum class we have together.  In short, he ministered the gospel to me and reminded me that the gospel is bigger than any opposition that I have or will ever face.  Thereby never having any valid reason to deffending myself from hurt, or offensively attacking others to gain what I want.  Why?  Because the gospel is all the agenda that I have in this life and in my communication and my relationships. 

When the Lord gives you a lighter load in exchange for your heavy one, there seems to be more room in your heart to long for heaven more; namely a longing for Christ more and a longing for what Christ wants.  I want that, I want more of that. 

Sometimes we carry things that we make up or sometimes they are real and unavoidable and yet we try to avoid them.  Then the become more weighty as time passes.  Identifying those things are good but nothing is more freeing than giving them over to Christ.  And nothing more powerful and loving than helping each other do that. 

Sometimes I want help, sometimes I don’t.  Other times I resist it because I am ashamed or too prideful.  But when the faithfulness of the Lord comes through the forms of enduring friends, you can’t help but fall flat to your face and worship God. 

I have been blessed immensely with friendships that have endured through some really distasteful misunderstandings and miscommunication or lack thereof.  But when the Lord works when He wants to there’s nothing hold Him back from restoring and making things new. 

So, if you find yourself thinking and believing that relationships, communication or friendships cannot be completely restored then please surrender that to the Lord and see what He does with it.  Believe me, its a lighter load than the one you’re carrying now.


February 6, 2009

Tonight I saw Phil Wickham in concert with Mandy, Hollie, John and Polly.  I enjoyed my time with them.  We also saw Ben, Tommy, Emilie, Michelle and Matt there. 

During the concert, watching Phil sing, I was thinking about how unreserved he was singing for God.  Then I noticed different people worshiping, singing, clapping, sitting, etc for the Lord.  Then I thought about something Gunner and I talked about the other day about serving the Lord where ever, doing whatever with our gifts for the kingdom.  And doing it without any embarrassment or reservation or apology or shame, basically.   

I think some times I want to make sure that I present the Lord in a cool or accepting way.  Or that I want my walk with Jesus to be cool.  I’m getting sick and tired of that.  The Lord saves and He has saved me and there’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  Yet so often I am pulled into a mindset, whatever the situation that makes me “feel” uncool or not as “trendy” because I want to sing, serve, clap, sit, be still, be an idiot, communicate clearly the Scriptures, blog, laugh or cry for the Lord.  I don’t care if I am embarrassed for the Lord.  Nothing matters but Jesus but sometimes I act differently than that. 

I love Jesus, with all my heart and I want to show Him and the world that I do, even if it is embarassing or it makes me not cool or comfortable.  Cool and comfortable, though very appealing at first are overrated. 

blah, blah, blah…i guess i’m just tired of people trying to impress other people and using Jesus for that aaaaand seeing that in myself. 

I suppose discernment and wisdom can be coupled all in the same with sincere devotion and earnest passion.  I want to grow in all that because I see all that is in Christ.  He’s all I want and constantly all I need!


February 4, 2009

Birthday thanks/blessings/updates:

  • well, like every year, my birthday seems to start a few days early and end a few days later
  • gunner took me to chipotle last tuesday (here’s your shot out gun 🙂
  • my sister deb, emailed me twice (that’s always nice for me, i love my sisters)
  • mom called me the morning of my birthday, missed it then she called me later and we chatted – she’s cute and sweet!
  • other sister Dee called me later – had a great conversation with her about life and God
  • then tons of people wished me happy birthday on FB
  • pete took me to lunch, panda – romantic, i know 🙂   naw, pete’s legit – he’s a good friend.
  • holly left a sweet voicemail
  • a few people text
  • joe, heidi, pete, dave, kristy, bryan and i went to the great greek (sooo good)
  • then guys in the dorm (jackie & laura) had a surprise little celebration, with cookies, ice cream and $100 gift card for itunes – how legit is that?  man, they really did a lot for me – i’ll let you all know my first purchase will be in a future post. 
  • lets see, friday mark golike took me to red robin for dinner for my birthday – he’s frosh and was a real servant about it. 
  • then later, the RDs and friends had an awkward party for me, beth catron and jake ebner – seriously, that was the theme.  and if you know me, i’m not a big fan of awkward.  i either avoid it, ignore it or create it.  but this was ridiculous.  by the end i was grossed out about it.  i was done with it. 
  • then after that, i saw slumdog (again) with holly, mandy, john and beth.  oh, and our friend theodore (i made that name up)- that was fun!  theodore sat in front of us and made commentary the entire movie – it was comical!
  • saturday, ben and phil took me and beth to egg plantation for our birthdays, mainly because saturday was beth’s birthday (and mind you mine was 2 days before that) and ben & phil missed my birthday because they were in WA. 
  • after that, i hung out with team india and saw slumdog with them (again, and last time til the DVD comes out). 
  • then saturday, went to luna (some restaurant in hollywood) with beth, bart, amy, laura and isaiah.  it was fun, the food was excellent and the ambience was cool. 
  • oh, then pastor bob wished me a happy birthday 🙂 on sunday… that was special. 

okay, so that was kind of dreadful going through again.  i guess when you start getting to a certain age, it just doesn’t matter as much – i feel like people think i’m still 25, 21 or even 16 or something.  however, i am thankful, really i am.  i don’t mean to sound like i’m complaining.  its really humbling to know that people do care and are willing to go to great lengths to make me feel special or to show they care or both.  i think i just would prefer to have my birthday be that, a day 🙂  i definitely ate way too much this last week. 

thanks to everyone for your kindness and friendship – the Lord has afforded me much with you all!  i do hope and pray a year of restoration, refreshment and growth.


February 3, 2009

I would like to describe them all for you but I can’t – it would require too many words that aren’t in my limited vocabulary.  Anyway, here’s what I want to do;  I posted a while back some of my favorite hair(s) or whatever.  So, now I’ve decided to list for you my favorite laughs.  I’m sure I’m going to offend or forget a few, but you’ll get over it, I hope…

Here they are, people who, when they get going or just really great out bursts of GOOD laughs –  in no particular order:

  • all my siblings – any of the savini’s really, seriously…if you’ve heard me laugh you should hear all of us laugh together
  • jeff lewis
  • dave hulet
  • jared foy (makes me smile just thinking about it)
  • ben blakey
  • sam neylan
  • holly worsham (especially college years when matt pearson would egg you on)
  • phil anderson
  • chris travis
  • adam carmichael (when i laugh with adam, we kind of blend really well)
  • jennene margrave
  • eric margrave
  • joe keller
  • happy gilmore
  • rick dennis
  • esther dennis
  • kyle jenison
  • casey jenison
  • jake dennis
  • beth catron
  • team india (’08)
  • meredith ebner
  • josh ward
  • ryan zamroz
  • wesley shryock
  • tommy delmuro
  • majesty (1998-2000)
  • dr. plew
  • andrew shearer
  • babies laughing, well not multiple, so i guess a baby’s laugh
  • old people

i guess these are people who i’ve laughed with a lot.  its such a good gift from the Lord; I’m so thankful for it.  the truth is, i love to laugh and i love to make others laugh and i love it when laughing is happening and i’m not even a part of it, which is rare 🙂 just kidding.