CHAPEL BAND itunes 2009

April 13, 2009

The Chapel Band’s latest album is now available on itunes.  Just search for “The Master’s College Chapel Band” or “Lord of All”.  Enjoy!


I’ve Got Nothing…

April 9, 2009

This semester seems like a blur – some good and some not as good.  I’ll just update and expound more later:

  • Dave & Jeff are not returning as RDs next year – sooooo bummed about that (but excited about their new opportunities)
  • Chapel Band released their new album
  • went to Hawaii during Spring Break (3rd year in a row going to Hawaii during Spring Break)…..miss the kawaguchi’s & the dirks!!!
  • doing massive amounts of school work
  • randomly hung out in Santa Barbara with J. Lewis and had an awesome RD day away
  • been working through the slim pickings for RAs for next year
  • auditions for next year’s Chapel Band
  • watched The Passion with Pete the other nite (intense)
  • drove up to Nothern Cali in less than a month
  • going to camp Hotchkiss for Easter weekend
  • learning a lot about friendship
  • thinking about going to Germany with Jeff in June
  • planning on going to India with Gunner in July
  • wish I had more sleep
  • miss my family

happy easter everyone!