July 5, 2009

Its Sunday evening and I’ll recap DAY 3 and 4 all in one.

DAY 3:

  • Woke up – sometimes that’s hard to do when you’re in a different time zone, or for some, just hard to do period :)…so it was worth mentioning
  • had breakfast in the hotel with Gunner, Eric & Nate
  • our driver, don’t remember his name because sometimes Hindi names are difficult to pick up which is a bummer because Indian names are really cool to say sometimes.  
  • arrived at TJ’s, then went to visit some “workers” in the village (now this is not the typical village, but more like people in the outsets of the city).  these workers were more of the dalit’s (outcast of the cast system) people.  They’re hospitality and respect was humbling…people who have nothing giving out of their poverty – how do you respond to that?  I’ve read it, heard of it, believe in the principle but when its literally done to you, when these men who are studying and training others to do the “work” it just makes you feel overwhelmed.  I felt ashamed, humbled and thankful all at the same time.  It was beautiful and challenging.  
  • after spending about 3 hours there, listening mainly (on my part) to the translation going on, we set out back to the Smith’s to have lunch.  Karren cooked us authentic Indian (veggie style) food…so good!
  • Then we just hung out and talked with them for hours.  
  • Went to the mall in town, which was 5 stories high, really nice (and A/C), and they took us to the best indian food in town….yeah, it was in the mall – and boy was it spicy.  My stomach was having its own independence day celebration going on 🙂
  • Came back to our hotel and had a really good talked with Gunner about things – man, can I just say that I have some of the best counselors are friends?  I’m so blessed!
  • then enjoyed some bantering with the gusy (Gun, Eric & Nate) before getting to bed

DAY 4: 

  • Woke up (again)
  • TJ, Karren & Chaya came by to our hotel and had breakfast with us.  
  • packed our bags and headed back to the Smiths for some singing and “talking”
  • said good bye to them and took our taxi back to the airport and got on our plane headed towards Delhi – it was so good to see the Smith’s again – I’m excited for them – there’s going to be a lot of work being done there – TJ gave me some sweet indian CDs; can’t wait to listen to them when I get back.  
  • got back to Delhi, Eric, Gunner & Nate continued their trip on to Bangalore (they’ll be back to Delhi with me on Thursday). 
  • I took a taxi home (to Mike’s – Gunner’s brother), showered up and went to PMI for Focal Point.  My driver didn’t speak a lick of English and didn’t have any clue where he was going – he stopped 5 times asking where “King’s Camp” (the district we’re in)….so imagine being in a foreign country by yourself and not knowing where the heck you’re going for 45 mins….ha!  It was actually quite exciting and adventurous.  
  • After the discussion about a Solid Foundation (there were about 35 people there…Peter said that wasn’t bad considering their 6 week break)
  • I sang a song following the discussion – it was funny.  Apparently I’m doing another concert on Wednesday…
  • After that, met some young guys studying for their Master’s Degrees (Indian guys) who faithfully come to PMI – they were very good conversationalists – they invited me to go with them to dinner but I went with the Peter & Heather (and Prakash, their son) to Subway for dinner.  
  • Came back and here I am…

Now I’m beat.  Tomorrow I meet with Ali to work through songs for the retreat and catch up.  Ali is the guitarist from last year that I did music with.  It’ll be fun to meet up again and talk through music – he’s really, really good on the guitar.  

Let’s see – something I thought about today…sometimes people just need a visit.  Even if you don’t have anything to bring or give, your visit means way more than you will ever know.  Those who are being visited, don’t expect much more than that.  Be grateful for their presence and their kindness – embrace it for what it is, company.  Let it grow if it does and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.  Now, if its someone you don’t really enjoy that much, then…I can’t help you with that one 🙂  All in all, think about others and make time to visit people as its fitting for the moment.  Don’t make people feel guilty when they don’t, that’s unbecoming, but if you haven’t see someone in a while, just let them know you miss them, if you do.  

Okay, see ya later!


One Response to “DAY 3, 4 & VISITS”

  1. Robbie Zeller said

    I really loved your thought today! Visiting is key cross culturally. I have met the coolest people just practicing “presence” and have become a learner as we visited. I so appreciate that the Spirit of God is in the midst of the visit! Praying for you guys…..

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