July 15, 2009

Well, tomorrow is the CBC annual retreat.  They are not retreating anywhere this year so the “retreat” is actually in the RC (resource center).  

Gunner’s been preparing very faithfully.  I’m always excited to listen to Gunner.  He’s probably one of the best communicators of anything that I know.  He is so gifted and insightful.  I enjoy working with him, and have been the last 5 years but I really do love him.  He’s an honest friend and I am soooo thankful to God I get to work with him again at Master’s.  

The retreat’s theme this year is on (what the “book”) has to say about relationships.  I’m really excited about that personally 🙂  I am also excited about doing music with the CBC band.  Our first session begins at 4pm and will include, speaking (from Gunner), discussion groups and such.  I was asked to lead a discussion group and quite honestly its humbling, but because Gunner already have the questions prepared for us, I don’t feel as insecure – ha!  

It’ll be a busy day for sure.  Friday we have 3 sessions, and then 1 session on Saturday and we end with a picnic at the park – isn’t that so fun?!  I think so!  Speaking of outside, it hasn’t been as intensely hot as it was last summer.  But the humidity is definitely out to strangle – however, today was such a nice day here in Delhi.  I didn’t even sweat walking from where I stay to the Malakars, which is 3 min walk.  And normally I’m just dripping with sweat…yuck!  

Anyway, you can definitely keep us in “mind”.  We’re anticipating this to be a really good time.  

On a side note: tonight was Chat Over Coffee and I met a guy who will remain nameless at this time for his protection, and I’ll save talking about him in another post.  But it has been one of the most powerful stories I have heard in a long time.  Not because it was dramatic, or anything that I think can be looked at as less than because it IS powerful, but because his joy were in his words, and his words were full of life and he reference the “book” several times.  He just had a light in his eyes that I just haven’t seen in a long time, even in myself.  It was like God sent him to me to rekindle me.  Even through his thick Kashmir (north of India) accent, it was such a short, sweet time of revival for me.  I’ll post more about that time later.  

Another side note:  I didn’t get to sing tonight because there were so many good conversations going on and because it was getting late.  So, we decided to save it for Focal Point on Sunday, right before Gunner and I head to the airport.  

Anyway, Gunner, Mike and I had dinner with the Malakars tonight.  We ordered in Chinese food – sooooo good!  And we talked about possible long/short term stuff.  It was helpful, but challenging at the same time.  I need to make some decisions soon about my future.  I’m glad someone else knows more about that than I do.  

K, gotta go!


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