July 18, 2009

Today is my last day in India. I almost feel pressured to leave because of responsibilities and committments made back at home. I understand the nature of the world in which I live in that is full of those and it makes me long for some stability. A stability that involves relationships that will not only last beyond the absence of people but one without absence itself. But I know that there is a greater day for that. And I hope for that.

I had a great time here and so challenges that I faced this visit that I hadn’t in my two previous visits. So I anticipate thinking through those things and learning from them. I suppose life, as I grow older is full of lessons and are all good blessings. It’s pretty humbling to think that I am constantly being given good gifts in that regard so abundantly and yet take so ling to learn them.

India isn’t exclusive to a place in which I am taught the lessons I need to learn. Neither is the dorm. Or America for that matter. I don’t know if I will do long term or longer term in India. I just know that I have one more day left here. And if God wills I have one more year left at Masters as an RD. I want to take each step at time in both, come differnt experiences with different and new people. One day left in India to make the most of it. One more year as an RD to make the most of it. With a new guy RD staff it will not be like anything familiar to me. I won’t have Dave or Jeff to lean on as I have in the past. In this trip I didn’t have a “team” per se but there were other people (so thankful Gunner & others like Eric, Nate, Mike, PMI staff, the Malakars, Megan, Heather, Jai, etc. And it was great! This coming year there are new people on staff and it will be great. If in the future God decides to put no one around I know that too will be great.

My time here had way less “touring” around and was more localized, stationed. It was around PMI, the slums, the workers, the people, the people, thr people etc. Had I not understood that before? Or is it still something I need to continue to keep in mind? And heart?

Like everywhere else I’ve had to leave or have been and where people have had to leave or chose to leave but learning that it’s about them and not just me. Maybe my depth of my understanding of people’s needs is more shallow than I think. Ironic. Shallow understanding can be deeper no matter how much I think through it. I suppose depth doesn’t come from how much you know and not just what you know what you know about people and what you’re doing with that, one person at a time as time permits.

I’m sad to leave India. But I’m excited for this last day to make the most of it.


One Response to “LASTLY – ITS THE PEOPLE”

  1. Thanks for causing me to think!

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