August 9, 2009

Tonight began the 2nd week of my series of lasts of my RD career.  Last week was RD retreat, which was a blast!  This week begins RA retreat.  This is my 6th year doing this and Lord willing, my last.  I don’t anticipate doing this anymore and so the journey for last this and that’s begin.  The journey for finishing well and looking for other possibilities also begin. 

There’s so much to write and so much to catch up on and since I am in a state of such, I will continue to bullet point.  But I will section it off just so my mind is functioning well in terms of thinking clearly through it all. 

Summer Snapshots:

  • said goodbye to the Hulets, Jeff Lewis and Jen Ginsberg (and Meredith Ebner later in the summer)
  • worked on 2 classes
  • helped the Hulets drive out to Florida
  • hung out with Jeff in Munich
  • in India for about 20 days with Gunner
  • did my first and last RD training
  • went to my family reunion in Seattle – the best part of my summer!!!

Things To Do:

  • not go crazy now that its August and everything is new (new RA team, new RD team, new Chapel Band, new responsibilities as Head RD, new classes, new schedule, new and exciting opportunities)
  • write out thank you cards to my church for sending me to India
  • meet up and catch up with Jason Beals
  • saying good bye to my sister (boo!) who’s going back to Samoa
  • survive August…oh, I guess that’s like the first one…
  • start running again – and lose 15-20 lbs
  • get my classes settled and finish up Eccl.
  • keep up with my family
  • update my eye perscription – get new contacts & glasses
  • send Aunty $ for our shirts
  • make wise choices about the future


  • if you want to be with someone tell them
  • answering tough questions aren’t easy
  • I need to make disciples of Jesus Christ not disciples of tradition
  • forgiveness is free
  • Love is hard
  • there is an inexpressible joy when it comes to my family (both immediate & extended, even though extended for the Savini family is very relative, no pun intended 🙂
  • sleep is temporal and rest is eternal
  • self control requires self denial
  • God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble
  • a friend loves at all times and can stick closer than a brother
  • using soap to wash my face can be a bad thing
  • i break out when i get really stressed out
  • aging is honest and my body doesn’t lie to me when it hurts 🙂
  • my smile is from my Savini family…so is my piercing laugh
  • endurance is crutial to living for Christ
  • practice makes better, not perfect
  • letting go is no fun
  • funny people are really nice to have around

People I want to Get to Know / Hang out with more:

  • Jesus
  • my family – especially Cameron Savini now he’s moving to So. Cal – yeyah!
  • my RAs
  • my fellow new RDs
  • Dr. Behle
  • the Margraves
  • Rick & Jake (yey, they’re on campus!!!)
  • and plenty of others…

Things I’m praying for:

  • contentment
  • a wife 🙂
  • extended family (healing, faith and conflict resolution)
  • direction after this year
  • finish school this year
  • that my 6th year as an RD (can’t believe that!) would be a blessing from God to all involved
  • Jesus to come back today…

I think that’s about it for now!