September 26, 2009

What I love about listening to new worship songs is that it sharpens my alertness to the truths that Scripture teaches about who Jesus Christ is, His worth and my salvation therein. 

Sons & Daughters is the latest Sovereign Grace album.  I am greatful for it.  Both music and lyrics have been such a source of refreshment for me.  Often times it’s difficult in my own heart to sort through the uncertanties of life as well as it is when life’s uncertanties continue to change and shift and be so unreliable.  But the truth of the complete work of Christ on the cross to set me free from my sins and has welcomed me into His victory is such a relief and solace.  I’m leaving my fears behind me now…the old has gone, the new has come…heirs with Christ…what you have complete is completely done…What a promise!!! 

Here are the lyrics:

What reason have I to doubt
Why would I dwell in fear
When all I have known is grace
My future in Christ is clear

My sins have been paid in full
There’s no condemnation here
I live in the good of this
My Father has brought me near
I’m leaving my fears behind me now

The old is gone, the new has come
What You complete is completely done
We’re heirs with Christ, the victory won
What You complete is completely done

I don’t know what lies ahead
What if I fail again
You are my confidence
You’ll keep me to the end
I’m leaving my fears behind me now