June 8, 2009

Here’s the last few weeks in a nut shell:

  • had some a really full semester ending very smoothly (kinda)
  • had a lot of last good bye gatherings for Jeff & Dave
  • ate at Ruth’s Chris for the first time with Jeff
  • went to Magic Mountain with Zamroz (it was so fun…goliath was off the chain!)
  • went camping 5 nights within one week (2 separate camping trips)…enjoyed it
  • was rebuked for pushing an issue to far 🙂
  • was confronted a few times this last month
  • wrote 11 papers in the last week
  • got season 1 & 2 of “Rob & Big”
  • found a random mazda key in my apartment – yeah, it’d be nice to have a free new car, hugh?
  • reconnected with some peeps from the Worship Team – so good!
  • been sleeping past 6am
  • enjoying the quietness of the dorm
  • going to India with Gunner (&  other friends) in July after I help Dave & Tricia drive out to Florida
  • said good bye to Jeff – sad, sad times
  • will be saying good bye to Dave & Tricia – sad, sad times
  • hiring new RDs (well, I’m not hiring them, I’m just a part of the process)
  • reading a lot these days
  • writing a lot these days
  • running a lot these days
  • having dinner with Brian & Becca on wednesday
  • Zane’s staying/visiting this week – so good to see him
  • currently making my first summer mix
  • burned 3 mixes already (Jeff, Ginsberg & the Powells…I know, I feel legit or something)
  • been watching a lot of basketball…yeah, seriously…me?
  • excited about my RA team for next year (Brandon O’Sullivan, Thomas Millar, Caleb Hazel & Mark Golike)
  • my sister comes home next week
  • have thoroughly enjoyed the music of Jon Foreman & Phil Wickham
  • went to blue grass/brass band play at some club in L.A. with Jeff and then saw them on T.V. on the grammy’s
  • had the best time eating sushi with Mike Butler, Sam Neylan, Phil Anderson & David Wolter
  • loved my time doing music/elementary ministry in Hawaii
  • excited about the new Chapel Band
  • learning how to be more alert of my own attitudes, actions and motives… and how they impact people (Matthew, the gospel’s been helpful with that and other good graces from God)…man, i really have a lot to learn
  • also listening to a lot of hip-hop/R&B music…reminds me of my roots 🙂 – some good, some fun and others i probably wont listen to anymore
  • thinking a lot about what to do and where to go the rest of my life, after this up coming last year as RD (wow, I’m approaching 6 years…dang, that’s long!)
  • want to be gentle again, and be quiet again, and love again
  • want to paint my car black…all black, tint my windows and thug it out, kinda…ha!
  • learned a new board game from the Hulets
  • learning to think rightly so that i can live rightly
  • want to love God, not godliness


February 4, 2009

Birthday thanks/blessings/updates:

  • well, like every year, my birthday seems to start a few days early and end a few days later
  • gunner took me to chipotle last tuesday (here’s your shot out gun 🙂
  • my sister deb, emailed me twice (that’s always nice for me, i love my sisters)
  • mom called me the morning of my birthday, missed it then she called me later and we chatted – she’s cute and sweet!
  • other sister Dee called me later – had a great conversation with her about life and God
  • then tons of people wished me happy birthday on FB
  • pete took me to lunch, panda – romantic, i know 🙂   naw, pete’s legit – he’s a good friend.
  • holly left a sweet voicemail
  • a few people text
  • joe, heidi, pete, dave, kristy, bryan and i went to the great greek (sooo good)
  • then guys in the dorm (jackie & laura) had a surprise little celebration, with cookies, ice cream and $100 gift card for itunes – how legit is that?  man, they really did a lot for me – i’ll let you all know my first purchase will be in a future post. 
  • lets see, friday mark golike took me to red robin for dinner for my birthday – he’s frosh and was a real servant about it. 
  • then later, the RDs and friends had an awkward party for me, beth catron and jake ebner – seriously, that was the theme.  and if you know me, i’m not a big fan of awkward.  i either avoid it, ignore it or create it.  but this was ridiculous.  by the end i was grossed out about it.  i was done with it. 
  • then after that, i saw slumdog (again) with holly, mandy, john and beth.  oh, and our friend theodore (i made that name up)- that was fun!  theodore sat in front of us and made commentary the entire movie – it was comical!
  • saturday, ben and phil took me and beth to egg plantation for our birthdays, mainly because saturday was beth’s birthday (and mind you mine was 2 days before that) and ben & phil missed my birthday because they were in WA. 
  • after that, i hung out with team india and saw slumdog with them (again, and last time til the DVD comes out). 
  • then saturday, went to luna (some restaurant in hollywood) with beth, bart, amy, laura and isaiah.  it was fun, the food was excellent and the ambience was cool. 
  • oh, then pastor bob wished me a happy birthday 🙂 on sunday… that was special. 

okay, so that was kind of dreadful going through again.  i guess when you start getting to a certain age, it just doesn’t matter as much – i feel like people think i’m still 25, 21 or even 16 or something.  however, i am thankful, really i am.  i don’t mean to sound like i’m complaining.  its really humbling to know that people do care and are willing to go to great lengths to make me feel special or to show they care or both.  i think i just would prefer to have my birthday be that, a day 🙂  i definitely ate way too much this last week. 

thanks to everyone for your kindness and friendship – the Lord has afforded me much with you all!  i do hope and pray a year of restoration, refreshment and growth.


February 3, 2009

I would like to describe them all for you but I can’t – it would require too many words that aren’t in my limited vocabulary.  Anyway, here’s what I want to do;  I posted a while back some of my favorite hair(s) or whatever.  So, now I’ve decided to list for you my favorite laughs.  I’m sure I’m going to offend or forget a few, but you’ll get over it, I hope…

Here they are, people who, when they get going or just really great out bursts of GOOD laughs –  in no particular order:

  • all my siblings – any of the savini’s really, seriously…if you’ve heard me laugh you should hear all of us laugh together
  • jeff lewis
  • dave hulet
  • jared foy (makes me smile just thinking about it)
  • ben blakey
  • sam neylan
  • holly worsham (especially college years when matt pearson would egg you on)
  • phil anderson
  • chris travis
  • adam carmichael (when i laugh with adam, we kind of blend really well)
  • jennene margrave
  • eric margrave
  • joe keller
  • happy gilmore
  • rick dennis
  • esther dennis
  • kyle jenison
  • casey jenison
  • jake dennis
  • beth catron
  • team india (’08)
  • meredith ebner
  • josh ward
  • ryan zamroz
  • wesley shryock
  • tommy delmuro
  • majesty (1998-2000)
  • dr. plew
  • andrew shearer
  • babies laughing, well not multiple, so i guess a baby’s laugh
  • old people

i guess these are people who i’ve laughed with a lot.  its such a good gift from the Lord; I’m so thankful for it.  the truth is, i love to laugh and i love to make others laugh and i love it when laughing is happening and i’m not even a part of it, which is rare 🙂 just kidding.


January 27, 2009

okay, so last night i finished up an evaluation that we annually do here for our deans, RAs, staff etc.  and i’m baffled at how quick i am to evaluate so harshly or so unreasonably.  i know there is room for “correction” and “redirection” but i found myself at a place valuing relationship and interaction around what its done for me (a lot of that is due to the questions asked like, “how have you been cared for?” or “how can we help you in your job/ministry etc?”).  i know i have normal, God-given needs.  that’s mainly because i need a savior.  but i’m slowly learning that life, relationships, singleness or marriage, missions overseas or here are all about what you lose, not what you gain.  simple concept, it seems.  but its not.  its hard for me to learn that and live that – i’m still fighting that now, when i think about what my dean is going to say about me when he evaluates my “performance” on the job.  but i want to lose it all.   

Jesus says, If you want to gain your life, throw it away (paraphrase adopted by Howard Hendricks).  what a revolutionary way of living.  i can’t live this way without Jesus patiently changing me from moment to moment, from the inside out.  how humbling is that?  Jesus stationed where He is, actively, gently, powerfully changing the heart?  my heart? what’s really freeing is that He promised to finish that!  beautiful.  astounding. 

so, when i look at others and my interaction and relationships with them, am thankful for them,  am joyful with them, am frustrated with them, impatient, judgemental, harsh, irritated etc., i ought to and will strive to remember the Lord Jesus and His relationship with me.  i want to evaluate that more and more.

Today was my last day of my break.  I am so thankful to God for it.  Most people do have breaks and I don’t think I wasted it.  In fact it went by so fast I don’t think I had time to waste it. 

Christmas was very humbling.  I spent it at home in Carson (yes, Carson’s still home to me – in fact, home is wherever my family is…blah, blah, I do admitt that I have a family with my friends here in the valley, or in Samoa, or in India with brothers and sisters in the Lord…).  Anyway, it was cool because it was me, my mom, my brother Bert and my eldest sister Doreen.  Debbie was unable to come out from Samoa.  Sad.  We had a glass of wine and just toasted with thankgiving the Christmas “holiday” and thanked the Lord, each, for His kindness this last year.  It was particularly special because of our family break through this last July. 

Our break through was a long awaited family (including Deb) meeting that involved confronting each other, confessing to each other, encouragment, tears, clarification, affirmation, challenge, celebration, understanding, direction and more.  It was what the Lord used to remind each of us of hope, grace and communication.  It was one of the most reviving times with people that I have every experienced. 

Since then my family has been the closest we have ever been.  Not free from conflict, we’re moved forward with the way we handle it now.  No assumptions, no ill feelings just better thinkers of each other. 

Well, today was nice.  I went to church, so late.  It was my fault.  Had lunch with the Margraves, Phil and Thomas at Whole Foods.  Eric says because he didn’t want half foods.  It was good.  I was craving pinapple anyway and I had tons.  Yum!  Then came back to the apt, practiced for the recording and Truth & Life, then went to the Margraves to hang out.  We watched Barak and ate Beef stew and barley with Holly.  It was fun! 

Good break. Now its time to work.  RDs start up Tuesday, Chapel Band instrumentalists come back that night, then we start recording Wednesday through Saturday.  Then rehearsals for TLC start on Sunday through Tuesday.  Monday my RAs come back and the chaos begins. 

Pray for me and all this.


December 29, 2008

I found out about 2 weeks ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer.  Her and her husband are really good friends and I’ve enjoyed their service as my bible study leaders, well not just “my” bible study others are apart of it.  I’ve also served with them on the worship team at church for a few years.  Their ministry and lives have made a huge impact on my spiritual growth and relationships over the last 5 years.  Its great to walk with people who learn and grow from what they learn.  I guess people can learn but never really grow, or at least I’ve seen that, even in my own life.  But Eric & Jennene learn and grow.  I want to be like that.  And I’m excited to witness God grow them through this.      

Anyway, today was Jennene’s first chemo treatment (not kimo, I’m such a Polynesian…it sounds like a Samoan word so, without thinking that’s just what I assumed it was – its an ethnic thing, I really did graduate from college, I promise).  Well, please pray for her (and Eric). 

You can follow updates about her journey here.


November 29, 2008

Here are a couple of thankgivings, joys, celebrations and updates: 

  • itunes: was able to find some old school songs I grew up in the faith with: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, CLC Youth Choir, Bee Gees, Chicago, Boys II Men, a few Samoan classics, a few movie soundtracks etc. 
  • 50th Anniversary for my home church
  • Disneyland with Pete, Phil, Thomas, Zamroz, Stacy, Tommy and a few others
  • Stacy & Ryan’s (Zamroz) engagement…and going with him to get the ring – that was an honor (thanks man)!
  • dinner with Holly
  • keeping in touch with Durso
  • talk with Dr. Street
  • talk with Dr. Behle
  • call from Scott Vinson
  • lunch with Joe
  • lunch with Brent Eldridge (and his message in chapel)
  • seeing and catching up with Matt Berry
  • Bible Study
  • talk with Summer
  • one-on-one with Caleb and his sister Jillian for his birthday
  • Dave Hulet confronting me
  • hearing of Brad’s recovery and return to the WT! 
  • Dorm staff
  • Halloween haunted house with Thomas, Caleb, Phil and Jennene hosting us
  • catching up with Zane
  • the ability to walk, breathe, sleep, run, eat, sing, play an instrument, listen, read, talk etc. 
  • seeing and talking with Kyle & Kath
  • spending time with Seth Cotter and chatting with him more
  • the journal of biblical counseling articles
  • President-elect Obama
  • my iphone (I love this little gadget!!!)
  • Hymn writers
  • recording with Chapel Band in January
  • the gospel in song; music
  • thanksgiving with my family
  • being the RD of Hotchkiss
  • hip-hop/R&B music – you either hate or you love it…i love it!
  • my glasses
  • Chuncky Strawberry w/extra granola @ Jamba Juice (so good)
  • rest and quiet
  • meeting David Talcot (Dan & Katie’s son)
  • meeting Jane Flower (Tyler & Steph’s daughter)

K, that’s it for now…love you bye!


November 25, 2008

This last weekend was my home church’s 50th anniversary celebration!  There was a lot of dancing, singing, eating and celebrating.  It was good to be there.  I saw people from back in the day and I was so filled with joy to see them and to catch up with some of them.  It made me miss them, my family, my church and the Samoan people, culture etc. 

Both Saturday and Sunday were good days to be back there celebrating 50 years of family life.  I was thankful to all the families that had endured throug those times.  It was good to remember the roots of my faith and my heritage. 

Anyway, I’m thankful for being where I was raised and who the Lord surrounded me with.  It was great to look back and respond with such thankfulness and celebration with so many generations; hopefully and prayerfully into the gnerations to come! 

“Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised,
         And His greatness is unsearchable. 
    One generation shall praise Your works to another,
         And shall declare Your mighty acts.” -Psalm 145:3-4


August 4, 2008

Here’s why I can’t post my pics now – because picasa will only allow me 500 pics – and I just don’t have the time to “selec” “hold” all 5,200 pics. 

Anyway, tomorrow I begin my 5th year as an RD – pretty exciting!  Let me just say this, I love my job/ministry.  It hasn’t always been easy.  The first two years were hardest and the enjoyment of it started to pick up my 3rd year.  Don’t get me wrong the first two years weren’t bad, just hard.  Anyway, RD, RA, SLS then WOW.  I miss a lot of people that have gone through my dorm, but I’m really excited who is currently in it and for those new ones coming. 

Tonight Zane stopped by and hung out.  I thought about his time here as a student.  It has been such a blessing to be able to be friends with the guys in the dorm and work through difficulties in life and even in relationship with them.  And with few, like Zane it has been so sweet to continue friendship outside the dorm context.  And he was even a part of the first two hard years as an RD =)  Anyway, he’s just one of the few guys that have been faithful, to which I am very thankful.  It makes going into this 5th year very exciting.  Its just a reminder that it is worth investing into the hard relationships, sometimes. 

How timely the Lord brought Zane over tonight.  It was a reminder to me that some of your investments will harvest plenty and sometimes it includes you and sometimes it doesn’t.  I know some are havesting elsewhere, that’s cool.  When you get to be a part of it though, it definitely is a blessing. 

Anyway, recap:  no India pics (yet) but Zane came over, I got my dorm housing done, haven’t yet packed for retreat, had lots to eat for lunch with my family (thanks uncle), started Chapel Band project, went to church with Rick & Esther, reviewed notes from the worship God conference (will soon post more about that, along with my India pics and my post about my Hawaii trip =), listened to sovereign grace songs a billion times today, saw two guys tonight from my wing when I was an RA and had dinner with Pete at Stonefire.

Ok, 5th year here I come…


May 31, 2008

Just wanted to give a quick update while I’m sitting just outside the courtyard of the guest house we’re staying in.  It’s 9:30pm and about 100 degress (yep, that’s right).  I’m literally sweating – I feel my sweat rolling down my chest (and my back…gross, I know).  But Darshan studies (about India and Hinduism) is over and today we had a break.  So, I’ll do this update in “Ona” fashion just cause I don’t know how else you expected it.  Here you go:

  • I’m not sick anymore (PTL)
  • the weather is hotter than I ever experienced in all my 30 years of life
  • i’ve had to hand wash my clothes (kind of therapeutic) twice now
  • was confronted by a student yesterday that said i ask too many questions (not a master’s kid).  He got over it when he realized that no one had ever asked him questions like that before…”curiousity will spark interest and involvement will spark investment” – Howard Hendricks
  • almost got smashed by a vehicle (twice today) in a auto rickshaw – don’t worry its quite common here “almost” getting hit
  • we had today off and went swimming at a pool of a 5 star hotel (by Varanasi stands) – it was soooooo refreshing
  • talked to some locals about what they thought about Americans – very interesting thoughts – most of which I agreed, some of them were just plain true but sad – “Americans are superficial and think only about themselves” – sounds more like human nature!
  • spent some time with Tom & Katie today – I’d like to do ministry with them!
  • journeled a lot about my thoughts on what I need to work on and grow in
  • leading “singing” tomorrow for Sunday “gathering”  – its cool – we meet outside under a canopy like deal – doesn’t really provide a lot of shade but its about maybe 15 degrees cooler – I’ll expect to be drenched by the ending of our 8 song set (they like to sing alot and for a long time here – its pretty much all that a lot of them have for fellowship and “singing” – makes me appreciate what I have in the states)
  • reading the Bible a lot
  • sweating a lot
  • there are sooooooo many people here – its unbelievable
  • had a session on Muslims in India – 2nd highest population of Muslims in the world (debatable) with Indonesian being the highest.  But the lesson was really good and sparked my interest with working with Muslims again – there are about 500,000 Muslims in Varanasi alone – can you believe that? 

Anyway, that’s it for now – there are tons for us left to do starting tomorrow (VBS [Sunday, Monday & Tuesday], going to Mother Tereasa’s shelter and bathing helpless people and children, going to a children’s home and holding some orphans – that’ll be really eye opening I’m sure)…etc.  and we start our “photograhy” part of the trip – we’re suppose to take some shots of the place (as we have been) of the city, people, rituals, temples, “workers” here etc.  Did I mention my team leader is a film major and there are expert photographers on the team?  Yep, all from our very own TMC – anyway, I’ll be the model I suppose. 

Okay, seriously…that’s it!  Thanks for praying for us!