June 19, 2009

Here you go…just a few songs for my summer listening: 

  1. Live Your Life by T.I. (feat. Rihanna)
  2. Radio by Beyonce
  3. Save Yourself by James Morrison
  4. Chasing Pavements by Adele
  5. Love Lockdown by Kanye West
  6. Everybody Knows by John Legend
  7. I’m a Fighter by Aaradhna
  8. Glass of Water by Coldplay
  9. Getting Stronger by Adeaze (feat. Aradhna)
  10. Lesson Learned by Alicia Keys (feat. John Mayer)
  11. Beautiful by Akon (that one’s for you Hazel)  🙂
  12. If You Leave Me Now by Chicago
  13. Reason by Earth, Wind & Fire
  14. Fire Burning by Sean Kingston
  15. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
  16. Shout Out Loud by Amos Lee
  17. Freeze by T-Pain (feat. Chris Brown)
  18. Dreamer by Chris Brown
  19. Moment of Surrender by U2
  20. Therapy by India Arie
  21. In the Ayer by Flo Rida (feat Will.I.am)
  22. Latika’s Theme Slumdog Millionaire sound track
  23. Halo by Beyonce
  24. Homecoming by Kanye West (feat. Chris Martin)
  25. Roots Before Branches by Room For Two
  26. Precious Love by James Morrison
  27. Redemption Song by Bob Marley
  28. Too Much Heaven by Bee Gees
  29. There’s Hope by India Arie
  30. I Love, You Love by John Legend

Here are more “inspirational” songs (why do they call it that?)…don’t mean to dichotomize my listening…that’s just the way I decided to do it…

  1. Again by Jon Foreman
  2. King of Wonders by Matt Redman (feat. Tim Houston & Joel Houston)
  3. Jesus Lord of Heaven by Phil Wickham
  4. Oh You Bring by Hillsong United
  5. Bloodstained Pages by Crystal Lewis
  6. The Love of God traditional hymn
  7. King of the Broken by Darlene Zschech (feat. Israel Houghton, Leeland Mooring & Lakewood Choir)
  8. There Is Always a Song by Martin Smith (feat. Watoto Choir)
  9. Still My God by Avalon
  10. The Stand by Hillsong United
  11. Song of My Heart by Generation Unleashed
  12. The Cure For Pain by Jon Foreman
  13. Hymn by Brooke Fraser
  14. Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go traditional hymn by Chris Rice
  15. Rock of Ages You Will Stand by Paul Baloche
  16. Sailing On a Ship by Phil Wickham
  17. When I First Trusted You by Keith Green
  18. Your Love Is Strong by Jon Foreman
  19. I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz
  20. Soon by Hillsong United

I am really thankful to God for good music – there are some really good stuff out there…stay tuned for another summer ’09 mix!



June 8, 2009

Here’s the last few weeks in a nut shell:

  • had some a really full semester ending very smoothly (kinda)
  • had a lot of last good bye gatherings for Jeff & Dave
  • ate at Ruth’s Chris for the first time with Jeff
  • went to Magic Mountain with Zamroz (it was so fun…goliath was off the chain!)
  • went camping 5 nights within one week (2 separate camping trips)…enjoyed it
  • was rebuked for pushing an issue to far 🙂
  • was confronted a few times this last month
  • wrote 11 papers in the last week
  • got season 1 & 2 of “Rob & Big”
  • found a random mazda key in my apartment – yeah, it’d be nice to have a free new car, hugh?
  • reconnected with some peeps from the Worship Team – so good!
  • been sleeping past 6am
  • enjoying the quietness of the dorm
  • going to India with Gunner (&  other friends) in July after I help Dave & Tricia drive out to Florida
  • said good bye to Jeff – sad, sad times
  • will be saying good bye to Dave & Tricia – sad, sad times
  • hiring new RDs (well, I’m not hiring them, I’m just a part of the process)
  • reading a lot these days
  • writing a lot these days
  • running a lot these days
  • having dinner with Brian & Becca on wednesday
  • Zane’s staying/visiting this week – so good to see him
  • currently making my first summer mix
  • burned 3 mixes already (Jeff, Ginsberg & the Powells…I know, I feel legit or something)
  • been watching a lot of basketball…yeah, seriously…me?
  • excited about my RA team for next year (Brandon O’Sullivan, Thomas Millar, Caleb Hazel & Mark Golike)
  • my sister comes home next week
  • have thoroughly enjoyed the music of Jon Foreman & Phil Wickham
  • went to blue grass/brass band play at some club in L.A. with Jeff and then saw them on T.V. on the grammy’s
  • had the best time eating sushi with Mike Butler, Sam Neylan, Phil Anderson & David Wolter
  • loved my time doing music/elementary ministry in Hawaii
  • excited about the new Chapel Band
  • learning how to be more alert of my own attitudes, actions and motives… and how they impact people (Matthew, the gospel’s been helpful with that and other good graces from God)…man, i really have a lot to learn
  • also listening to a lot of hip-hop/R&B music…reminds me of my roots 🙂 – some good, some fun and others i probably wont listen to anymore
  • thinking a lot about what to do and where to go the rest of my life, after this up coming last year as RD (wow, I’m approaching 6 years…dang, that’s long!)
  • want to be gentle again, and be quiet again, and love again
  • want to paint my car black…all black, tint my windows and thug it out, kinda…ha!
  • learned a new board game from the Hulets
  • learning to think rightly so that i can live rightly
  • want to love God, not godliness

CHAPEL BAND itunes 2009

April 13, 2009

The Chapel Band’s latest album is now available on itunes.  Just search for “The Master’s College Chapel Band” or “Lord of All”.  Enjoy!


February 23, 2009

Remember the recording Chapel Band started in January?  Well, we’re up north in Meadow Vista with Brian Steckler, me, Tommy, Janie & Emilie cutting vocals. 

It’s been great!  Its rain a ton up here and green.  Its really refreshing to be up here – kind of calming. 

Anyway, back to the studio.  See ya later.

Today was my last day of my break.  I am so thankful to God for it.  Most people do have breaks and I don’t think I wasted it.  In fact it went by so fast I don’t think I had time to waste it. 

Christmas was very humbling.  I spent it at home in Carson (yes, Carson’s still home to me – in fact, home is wherever my family is…blah, blah, I do admitt that I have a family with my friends here in the valley, or in Samoa, or in India with brothers and sisters in the Lord…).  Anyway, it was cool because it was me, my mom, my brother Bert and my eldest sister Doreen.  Debbie was unable to come out from Samoa.  Sad.  We had a glass of wine and just toasted with thankgiving the Christmas “holiday” and thanked the Lord, each, for His kindness this last year.  It was particularly special because of our family break through this last July. 

Our break through was a long awaited family (including Deb) meeting that involved confronting each other, confessing to each other, encouragment, tears, clarification, affirmation, challenge, celebration, understanding, direction and more.  It was what the Lord used to remind each of us of hope, grace and communication.  It was one of the most reviving times with people that I have every experienced. 

Since then my family has been the closest we have ever been.  Not free from conflict, we’re moved forward with the way we handle it now.  No assumptions, no ill feelings just better thinkers of each other. 

Well, today was nice.  I went to church, so late.  It was my fault.  Had lunch with the Margraves, Phil and Thomas at Whole Foods.  Eric says because he didn’t want half foods.  It was good.  I was craving pinapple anyway and I had tons.  Yum!  Then came back to the apt, practiced for the recording and Truth & Life, then went to the Margraves to hang out.  We watched Barak and ate Beef stew and barley with Holly.  It was fun! 

Good break. Now its time to work.  RDs start up Tuesday, Chapel Band instrumentalists come back that night, then we start recording Wednesday through Saturday.  Then rehearsals for TLC start on Sunday through Tuesday.  Monday my RAs come back and the chaos begins. 

Pray for me and all this.


December 21, 2008

This is a playlist I enjoy and will enjoy during this time of “rest”:

  • Roots Before Branches, Room for Two
  • I Will Not Take My Love Away, Matt Wertz
  • Say, OneRepublic
  • Smash Into You, Beyonce
  • Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love, Coldplay
  • The Greatest, Michelle Williams
  • Stronger, Hillsong
  • Hosanna, Starfield
  • Albertine, Brook Fraser
  • Beautiful, Phil Wickham
  • Every Ghetto Every City, Lauryn Hill
  • Three Little Birds, Bob Marley
  • The Glory, Avalon
  • Come Away with Me, Norah Jones
  • Lost?, Coldplay
  • O Le Olaga O Samoa, Toa
  • Ua Leai, Pati
  • Homecoming, Kanye West
  • Lucky, Jason Mraz
  • A Life With You, Adeaze
  • Down Time, Aradhna
  • Unfailing Grace, Enfield
  • Glorious Almighty, Sovereign Grace
  • No Matter What, T.I.
  • Forever, Chris Brown
  • What Do I know of Holy, Addison Road
  • Our God Saves, Paul Baloche
  • E O Mai, Keali’i Reichel

Unfortunately there’s more but I’ll stop for now.

REST ’08

December 21, 2008

The dorm is empty. Quiet and cold. Calm and peaceful. I’m just about ready for rest. Just a few more loose ends to tie up and I’ll be ready to move on.

I’ve decided that my rest isn’t going to be a “break”. A break implies that I deserve something and the truth is, I don’t. Honestly. Its here and its costing me nothing, so its free. Another significant something that I have not the right to “own” but I will try to make the most of it. I’m thankful for it and don’t want to waste it.

I said my good byes to the guys in the dorm and I’m not flooded with misfortunes or joys that have occured during this last semester. I don’t think I’m in denial, I just would rather thank God for it. Even the more shameful parts of it, the parts where I thought of myself instead of others. Or the part where I actually served myself instead of others. The magnitude of that weight overwhelms me. Today was I reminded that Jesus gives something lighter in return for my weighted burden of guilt, shame, sin, self-righteousness etc. That was freeing (thanks Sam).

I started making a list (a good one) of books to read (finish Life of Pi, Three Cups of Tea, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Unpacking Forgiveness and Worship Matters (again), and actually started to read them (thought about people who’ve inspired me to read: Deb, Moni, Sam, Happy, Durso and Joe). I then started to update and keep my budget. I am more than half way through my final project for class (I had to get an extension). I rented 3 movies today and watched one of them. I read some more and thanked the Lord for the assurance of Salvation that I have in His Word, that became flesh.

I purchased gifts for my family – not finished yet. I wrote cards for parents of some of the guys I’m close with in the dorm. God gave me some really good moments writing thoughts out about these guys.

I prayed for a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I prayed for her husband – then I prayed for the gospel to go forth as a result of this. Then the gospel compelled me to pray more. So, I prayed for another couple who is close to me, who is having another kind of a difficult time. Finally, I prayed for a couple that have been really dear to me, who recently asked me to sing in their wedding in July. Then I thought a long while about these 3 couples and I was full in my heart with such grattitude!

Listened to a song by Matt Wertz, “I Will Not Take My Love Away” and a song by Room For Two entitled “Roots Before Branches”. Both powerfully and beautifully inspiring.

The only thing I didn’t do that I really wanted to do (and need to do) is run. Bummer. Lord willing, there’s tomorrow.

So, in short this is what I want to do with these next two weeks: rest, read, run, pray, watch movies, catch up with whoever and sleep well (ya, that is different from resting; it could include it but it doesn’t have to).


January 4, 2008

Want a good listen?  Listen to Alicia Keys latest! 

Catching Up

July 5, 2007

So, its been about a week.  Sorry, here’s what’s been going on:

  • I’ve been helping all kinds of people move:  Andrew Callaway’s friends, Karen Noa from church, The Harvey’s, Sam, the HolmesEsther Ko and more to come…if you want to help the body of Christ, let me know.
  • Playing lots of volleyball with peeps from church and hanging out with them and playing Mafia!
  • Margrave Bible Study
  • catching up with DVD’s for classes – and working through Eccleciastes
  • getting ready for the Summer Institute Program for the MABC starting this Saturday
  • Norman & Tracy’s wedding this Saturday back home.
  • Norman’s bachelor’s party this last Saturday…it was cool chillin’ with ALL the boys from back in the day – lots of funny moments at The National’s Sports Bar – I miss them!!!  
  • hanging out a lot with Telle; you’re off the chain dude!  That taco run to down town with JJ and Dave G. was cool…we should do it again soon!
  • July 4th in Santa Barbara with the Beals, Logan, Becca, Luke, Mike Mawhorter, Mike Butler, Mike Cane, Danney, Lynn & Lawrence – I haven’t had so much fun in such a long time!!!  Logan’s jeep had a lot to do with it…I’m smiling right now just thinking about how much fun we had!!!  Becca, Logan, Luke and I took like 400 billion pictures of ourselves on the way back (I’ll post them later)…in the jeep…in traffic…with the top down…laughing our faces off…it was freezing – I love it when people are okay with laughing at themselves!!!
  • being at home with my family for a couple of days (Debs back from Samoa and Esther Grace is visiting from Arizona – she says she’s moving back at the end of August, I hope so!)
  • being able to catch up with the boys (Big Mike, Sipoga, Tone, Bugg, Seko, Tang, Strong, Joey, Andrew, Allen, lil Tone etc.)
  • reading through John
  • realizing I need to journal more
  • working through some things in my life
  • listening to a lot of Howard HendricksHillsong and Beyonce…what a funny mix?!
  • sobering week thinking about Matt’s death and thinking through relationships/friendships/discipleship/missions/life…all in conjunction with Ecclesiastes 7
  • counting the days to move back into Hotchkiss, Lord willing!

Gunner meniotned something about catching up with relationships verses mainting relationships.  That cleared up a lot in my head about several things.  Here’s my response to that:  I don’t like it!  Why?  Because maintaining relationships require consistency and loyalty (which I suck at).  Its also hard and takes work.  Catching up with relationships just seems like I’m always behind, or others are always behind with me etc…oh well, that’s just the way it is. 

If you’re okay with that, then you are.  If you’re not, which I think I’m not, then don’t settle like the rest are.  Man, I’m really horrible at this…so I need all the help I can get!


June 11, 2007

Sometimes there’s just too much to write about.  Let’s see…

Well, I guess I’ll just try to keep it short (or not) to keep it to the point, for your sake and for mine (these are in no particular order):

  • Recieved my packets for my Independent Classes…so, I gotta get on it (DVDs of lectures, syllabi, tests, quizzes, instructions books (thanks Frank!), etc.
  • talked with Mom a little on Friday (YEY)
  • Got a sweet surprise visit from Jake (I love this guy so much)!  This guy is definitely down to earth and really humble.  He and Amber are what JPK calls the beautiful couple.  Well, its because they are!  
  • spent a lot of time with AJ Woodsum on Saturday, then drove out with he and Dr. Behle to Lancaster to listen to someone who’s worked with Muslims for about 20 years.  Now, this was definitely inspiring and so stinkin’ challenging.  Why?  Well, because…working with Muslims seem so stickin’ hard and costly because NO ONE wants to do it because it is so stickin’ hard (except for Becca and AJ…anyone else wanna go?) – well, I think I want to do it…seriously!  I’m definitely willing and want to try.  There’s a lot of prayer, counsel, growth and time that is involved to work through this but I think I would be willing to walk through that.  This desire is definitely growing so, we’ll see (b/c there are still other options of going elsewhere or staying here [which I prefer not to]).  I am freaked out and I ain’t gonna lie about that either but I think its suppose to be like that, y’know?…it’s getting me to count the cost and walk by faith in ways that I don’t, whether I go or stay, y’know what I mean?  Seriously, what am I giving up?  OR what am I not giving up?   
  • Yesterday was Eric’s B-Day (HAPPY 30TH MAN)!  Macaroni Grill was a good pick!  
  • It was so great to hang out with Roger, Michelle and their kids yesterday!!!
  • Me:  “Jackson, what’s my name?” (Jackson is Roger & Michelle’s youngest 5yrs. old)  Jackson:  “Um….um….um….”  Me:  “Jackson, C’mon….”  Jackson:  “Umm…Hosanna?”  Yep, that’s right….he gets a gold medal for that one!!!
  • Sundays – they’re the best!!!  I LOVE getting together with C.O.C. people (its not exclusive to Sundays OR hanging out with just Worship Team or Bible Study people – its great getting to know others in the body and just spending time with them. 
  • Got to chat with JPK a little yesterday…I miss him!   Good job for updating your blog. 
  • Listening alot to:      

                                All Of The Above CD+DVD   (Hillsong United [their youth CD]), I like their songs.  Yeah, they’re a little repeatative and not as conservative in their doctrine (does it really even matter???), but I think that’s okay.  They’re songs are very Psalm-like.  Anyway, I like them. 

  • I’m also enjoying:  

                                   Buy Life of Pi by Yann Martel   I’ll let you know how it goes when I’m done with it…well, maybe I’ll just let you know if I liked it or not. 

  • Oh, in a couple of minutes I get to meet with BehleAJ, Amahl and Becca to talk with Orville about working with Muslims.  That’s really exciting…looking forward to it.
  • Kids Choir coming up at church.  I’m nervous…but ready.  Children are a blast…if you ever really want to be humbled and gain some perspective then hang out with children – they’ll really teach you a lot about your own pride, your own uptight-ness, your own awkwardness, your own “too cool for school”-ness and they’ll just remind you that things are a lot more simple than you can make it out to be (sometimes).  If you’re too cool for kids then you need some serious arrogance check….cause, if you can’t even hang out with these then how are you going to handle caring for the orphans? 
  • Volleyball was really fun, mainly because of the people there:  Daren, Dave, his roommate JonCharles, Hugo, JimLukeLawrence, Becca, Heather, Aimee, Kyndra, Lindsey, Annalee and me.  So much fun – its nice to be with people who seem to be okay with being silly and funny…people who don’t put up a front, y’know?!!!

Well, gotta run!